ESD Anti-Static 5mm Grid Fabric

ESD Anti-Static 5mm Grid Fabric

Product Details:
Product Name:ESD Antistatic Fabric
Material:98% Polyester+2% Carbon
Fabric Style:5mm Grid
Width (cm):150
Weight (gr/sqm):105-115GSM
Surface Resistivity:10e6 ~ 10e9ohms
Package:1 Roll
Color:Blue, Black, White, Green, Yellow, Pink, etc.
Functions:Anti-Static, Shrink-Resistant, Tear-Resistant
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price:Rs 88 / Meter
Minimum Order Quantity:200 Meter / 1 Roll
Supply Ability:1,00,000 meters per month



ESD Anti-static fabric clothing made by special sewing process has excellent anti-static and dust proof performance, with high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance and soft, thin slippery, weaving clear characteristics.

ESD Anti-static fabric is the fabric formed by weaving yarn mixed with conductive fiber or embedded conductive filament, but also the fabric with anti-static performance after processing.
Can be used in medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments and other industries sensitive to static electricity.

5mm Grid 98% Polyester 2% Carbon fiber ESD Anti-Static Conductive Fabric
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