ESD Antistatic Rack Black Bin

ESD Antistatic Rack Black Bin

Product Details:
Product Name:ESD Antistatic Rack Black Bin
Size:600x500x340/Any Size Can Be Made According To Customer's Request
Material:PP Plastic
Application:To Storage PCB Boards Or Electronic Components
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity:10 pieces
Delivery Time:4-5 working days
Packaging Details:1pc/box

Description :-

ESD box is ideal for use in commercial, industrial, electronics, and healthcare markets for storage,
assembly, fabrication and distribution. ESD or electro static discharge,
refers to how quickly material will dissipate (charge moves through the product) an electrical charge.
Material is rated at different levels for the “resistance” at which it will allow a charge to move through the material.
Conductive material allows the charge to move very fast and has a low resistance.
Static dissipative material allows the charge to move quickly but slower than conductive material.
An insulative product has no movement or a very high resistance.
If parts are sensitive to electrical charges they should be stored in a conductive container.

Features :-

  •  It is used to ensure that your electronic products are free from damage during transportation, retail and display;
  • Maximum comfort during transportation;
  • Suitable for all kinds of outer packaging;
  •  It can achieve good packaging effect;
  •  Soft and smooth surface, very resistant to stress and cracking;
  • Prevent cutting personnel;
  •  Weight / volume ratio for goods of different sizes

Applications :-

ESD storage bins are used in data centers to store and protect microchips, circuit boards, circuit cards, assemblies, motherboards, hard drives, capacitors, transistors, logic chips, SCSI drives, spare CPUs, spare DRAM drives, flash memory, SSD drives, video cards, GBIC modules, and other semiconductor components.

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