Finger Cots Yellow

Finger Cots Yellow

Product Details:
Product NameYellow Disposable Nitrile Finger Cots
ColorBlack ,or Customized
Length70±5 Mm
Thickness0.09±0.03 Mm
FeaturesOil Resistance, Wear Resistance, heat Resistance
High LightBlue Disposable Nitrile Finger Cots, White Disposable Nitrile Finger Cots, Cleanroom Nitrile Finger Cots
Size S/M/L/XL Or Customised
Wide 24~34 ±2 Mm
Elongation At Break (%) ≥ 750
Package 1000pcs/ Or Customised
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Packaging Details1000pcs pcs/vacuum bag, 20bags/carton
Delivery Time 7-10 working days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100,000bags per month


The nitrile sulfur free finger sleeve is made of high-quality natural nitrile, which is heat-resistant, wear-resistant, free of any free sulfur, sulfur elements and sulfur compounds, and free of corrosion and pollution to gold, silver, copper and other metal components.


Name Yellow Disposable Nitrile Finger Cots
Material Nitrile
Colory Yellow ,or Customized
Size S/M/L/XL (Please refer to the following table for specific dimensions)
Features oil resistance, wear resistance and heat resistance
Application Dust free workshop, precision parts
Packing 1000pcs/1440pcs or customised


1. When used for waterproof, please check whether there is air leakage, blow air into the casing, and then pinch the pipe orifice to see whether the casing becomes smaller. If there is no air leakage, it can be used

2. Do not wear it for a long time. If you think your fingertip is swollen, numb and purple, you should remove it immediately, and then lift your finger, it will slowly return to its previous state.

3. Dry in a cool place after use and can be used repeatedly. Try not to reuse.

4. Avoid being stabbed by sharp objects, such as needles, scissors, toothpicks, etc.

5. When taking out, roll from top to bottom to facilitate removal, not easy to break and easy to wear next time (try not to reuse).

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