OEM Carbon Fibre 5mm Grid Anti Static Gloves Heat Resistant

OEM Carbon Fibre 5mm Grid Anti Static Gloves Heat Resistant

Product Details:
Product NameESD Antistatic High Temperature Resistance Heat-resistant Gloves
SizeS/M/L/XL/XXL (6,7,8,9,10) Or Customized Sizes
FeatureSafety Protection,anti-static, High Temperature Resistance
Style5mm Gird
High Light5mm Grid Anti Static Gloves, Cleanroom Anti Static Gloves, Carbon Fiber Anti Static Gloves
MaterialPolyester+ Carbon Fiber
TypeAnti-static,Safety Golves,Thickening
Surface Resistivity10e6-10e9ohms
Packing1pair/Shielding Bag, 500pairs/cartons
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order QuantityNegotiable
Packaging Details:10pairs/opp bag, 1000pairs/carton
Delivery Time7-10 working days
Payment TermsT/T
Supply Ability150,000 dozen per month


  1. Diverse Heat Defense: High-temperature-resistant gloves specialize in contact, radiation, and steam heat resistance, meeting varied industrial demands.
  2. Versatile Protection: Beyond heat, these gloves provide flame retardancy, fire prevention, and guard against metal liquid splashes—offering versatile safety in hazardous environments.
  3. Professional Labor Protection: Recognized as essential labor protection gear, these gloves are key for worker safety in high-temperature industrial settings.
  4. Consult for Optimal Use: Businesses should consult experts for informed glove selection and usage, ensuring comprehensive safety.
OEM Working Glove 5mm Gird ESD Antistatic High Temperature Resistance Heat-resistant Gloves
Material:Polyester+ Carbon Fiber
Size:S/M/L/XL/XXL (6,7,8,9,10) or Customized Size
Surface Resistance:10e6 ~ 10e9 ohm/sqm
Style:5mm gird
Function:Safety protection,Antistatic, High Temperature Resistance
Use:Electronic industry,cleanroom,ect.
Packing1pair/Shielding bag

Pre use inspection

  1. Before use, please check whether the temperature level of the selected product conforms to the on-site operation environment. The product shall not be used in an environment higher than the temperature level of the selected product (if gloves with a maximum temperature resistance of 500 ℃ are selected, it shall not be used in an environment higher than 500 ℃).
  2. Check whether the product is complete and whether there is obvious damage. If there is any problem, it shall not be used.
  3. Before use, please confirm whether the gloves are specifically used to protect against “radiant heat” or “contact heat”, which cannot be confused.
  4. When using contact type high-temperature resistant gloves, always pay attention to the temperature rise inside the gloves, and stop continuous contact with high-temperature objects before reaching the hand bearing limit (according to the provisions of European standard date n407, when the gloves are in contact with the limit temperature, a single contact within 15 seconds is the standard, which can be subject to actual operation). If you need to prolong the single contact time, you can choose high-temperature resistant gloves with a higher level than the actual temperature.
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