Sticky Roller For Cleanroom Reusable 4 Inch

Sticky Roller For Cleanroom Reusable 4 Inch

Product Details:
Product Name:Sticky Roller For Cleanroom
Color:Blue Roller+Black Handle
Material:Silicone Roller+ Plastic Handle
Size:4 " , Customised 2" 3" 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" ~24"
Application:Industrial, Cleanroom
Packing: 1pcs/ESD Shielding Bag
Usage:Lint Removal
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity:10 roller ,Negotiable
Delivery Time:5-7 days
Packaging Details:4", 200rolls/carton; 6"/8", 100rolls/carton; 10"/12", 50rolls/carton

Description :-

Sticky Rollers are used for easily remove dust, dirt and particulate from surfaces in clean room, such as walls, ceilings and other hard to reach areas.

Features :-

  •  Its surface is smooth like mirror, can pick up particulates’ size below 2um.
  •  It is effectual in adhering to hair, scurf, dust or other impurities.
  •  It is easy to transfer impurities to sticky paper, so that prolong the self-adhesiveness of silicon.
  •  Reusable and washable.

Applications :-

  • Correct usage: when using silicone roller, please roll backward. (especially clean uneven products, such as PCB board) In this way, the service life of silicone adhesive can be prolonged, and the support can not be easily deformed and the screws can be prevented from loosening.
  •  Cleaning silicone sticky roller: please clean the silicone sticky roller with clean water or soapy water, wipe it dry or air dry it naturally.
  •  Do not contact benzene and ester solvents (such as Tianna water, net washing water, phenanthrene water, ethyl acetate, etc.) during use. Once in contact, wipe it quickly with anhydrous alcohol and dry it with an air gun.
  •  After every 5000 times of use, if the viscosity drops significantly, clean it with clean water, wrap it with clean packaging film, and place it for 48 hours, the viscosity also rises.
  • The service life of our silicone sticky roller is more than 10000 times.
Dust Removal Sticky Roller For Cleanroom, Reusable Sticky Roller For Cleanroom
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